Ordering - How it works

1) You Place Your Order

You can do this online, by email or telephone.
Our website is designed to streamline ordering, but you don't have to use it if you prefer not to.
Once your order is placed we will then guide the process through to completion.
We have done this thousands of times before and we know how to make it easy and painless - but you are always in control.
If we do not know something or a decision needs to be made then we will always ask before proceeding.

2) We check your order

Firstly your order is carefully checked before we send you an Order Acknowledgement email.
This email recaps your order details so you can check everything is correct and as you want it to be.
It also requests any further information we may need for production.

3) We Manage Your Artwork

If you do not already have final artwork we can create it for you via our Free Artwork Service.
See Giving us Artwork Instructions
If you are providing your own print ready artwork then it will always be flightchecked and it's output visually confirmed before production.

4) We produce and despatch your NCR.

Once you have approved your final proof (or your supplied artwork has been checked) your order will be passed for production.
You will receive automatic updates as it progresses and then a despatch notification with tracking details.

Be assured, your NCR is being produced by people.

We are friendly and helpful and you can contact us at any point in the process to discuss any aspect of your order.
We will contact you if we need any information or clarification.
We constantly check and examine the quality of your order throughout the production process and any substandard work is discarded and re-done.
Our workflow system will automatically inform you of order progress.