Giving Design Instructions

  1. We take whatever you have and create a professional NCR form.
  2. You do not have to use a template, we will design from scratch.
  3. We will contact you and organise the design process.
  4. Our only caveat is that we don't accept complex verbal instructions.

After you order

Please tell us what you want and what you have already. You can email or upload instructions and existing content to get things started. Then when we contact you we already know roughly what we need to do.

Example Scenarios

We always send proofs

Whenever we create or modify artwork we send you a proof. We will not print without your approval.

Free Artwork Explained

File Resolutions

For artwork you are supplying for inclusion in your form design.
Please send the best quality version you can - higher resolution normally yields better quality.
Photographs : ideally 300dpi minimum.
Line art and text, logos, etc : ideally 600dpi minimum.
Uploading large files is more reliable than email.